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15 September 2009

A bit of everything

New labels which are shorter than the others.

40th birthday card for a green man loving brother-in-law.

A prize from a fabulous blog give-away. Check out paper-and-string.

A couple of cards for the shop.

A long-awaited Handmade Home book and another (weekend sewing) to keep it company in the Amazon box ;-).

They'll be more tomorrow, but I'm still trying to catch up from being away at the weekend.


Pippa said...

The weekend Sewing book is really lovely. I have made the weekend bag from it and the instruction were very clear. The other book is on my wish list, but I think I may have to splurge - going to need another bookcase methinks!

shell said...

I've started piling them up on the floor ;-). Definitely recommend the other book.