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26 September 2009

How not to make a purse

I thought I'd make myself a purse before I start on the next two bags and play food that I have to make but it didn't quite go to plan. That will teach me, eh?
As the gorgeous fabric was quite thin I thought I'd add a thin layer of wadding to each piece. Well, that made some of the edges too thick to it wouldn't run through under the footer, so in turn, put a hole in the fabric!! As my hormones are raging at the mo, I thought I'd just take off the zips and see if I can make something else with the padded bits instead of launching everything across the room.
HOPS - you can use them with lavender in small pillows to put in your pillowcase as they are a natural sedative. Just dry them in the airing cupboard or (if your lucky the) sunshine and then store them for use (I use an old hessian bag to store mine in).

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