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14 October 2009

Half done

I seem to be half way through many things, but not actually finishing any!

Here's one of the Mac Notebook bags. They have been an absolute pain in the bum, took me right out of my comfort zone, but after 2 'prototypes' we are nearly there - thank goodness. I have to admit that they drove me to tears at one point because they just wouldn't go as I wanted them too. Anyway, we are nearly there, and they'll be posted by the end of the week.

I've also got felt food on the go too, I need to make a birthday card for JJ's birthday next week, the Christmas cake, puddings and mincemeat need making, we got a carry bag full of apples from my Nan's on Sunday and they are still sat waiting to be sorted, the rosehips have gone rather wrinkly sat waiting for me on the side................
.............on a rather better note, here's some lovely debbie bliss merino wool I got from a lovely mama on the GP forum - wanna know how much it cost me??? 10 greenies! or to be more precise, a set of san pro pockets/inners that I made. Isn't LETS just fantastic.

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Dawn said...

You sound very busy, the rosehips will still be okay - they'll absorb some moisture again and be fine to make your syrup. I'm glad I made some a while ago - all came down with colds recently.