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11 October 2009


Well France was very wet, but very warm and ended with a major electrical storm, which in a tin campervan and awning sounds rather loud (to say the least). All-in-all it was a very good few days in which I did manage a little bit of sewing.

I got this book with my nectar points that I'd saved up. I've had a quick flick through and it looks really good.

It was my Neice and Nephew's Christening today - these are the cards I made for them. I was very honoured as my Neice is 12 years old and she chose her own godparents, so today has been very special.
And last, but by no means least, it was darling hubbies birthday yesterday. He loves his VWs, so this was the card I made for him.
It's been a rather hectic few weeks, and the next week is just as busy as I've a few orders to complete.

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Arlenkern74 said...

glad you had a lovely time away x rain on the campervan sounds lovely x