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08 January 2010

Thinking again ;-)

I've been thinking more about resolutions/hopes for this year. We seem to have fallen down slightly through 2009 with regards how environmentally aware we are, how careful we choose to be, and that needs to change. It's only little things but in the overall picture they do make a difference - to me anyway. So we shall be giving ourselves a little kick up the preverbial backside and doing more (or less) depending on what it is. Last year I also had high hopes for a handmade Christmas, but this was also a disappointment for me - I just didn't have the confidence when it came to it. This year (I know it's a long way off!!!!!) we will be having a handmade Christmas.
Right, the pictures. I actually had an hour to myself in the charity shops yesterday while I waited for a dentist appointment. I got 3 pairs of trousers for JJ which is an absolute rarity for age 3 stuff, some books and the above table cloth (to make small bags with), 7mm knitting needles and an old tea cup which I shall use to make a candle. I also went in the chemist on the off chance of finding caustic soda for making soap, and to my suprise they had some. One step closer to making my own soap.
I've not done much crafting this week either, and today I realised why - I needed to knit not sew. I've sat (and stood while chatting to the in-laws) and made 2 dishclothes. Might do some more knitting later.

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Jacqui said...

Wow - clothes for a 3 year old boy in a charity shop!! Very rare indeed - well done. I've resorted to scouting around ebay, but it seems to be mostly ex tesco and asda stuff. I do like knotting my own dischcloths. It seems to make cleaning up more of a zen thing :) xx