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13 January 2010

Mad times!

Everything is just mad at the minute - we have the builders in (finally) putting an extra bedroom on the back of the house. I've also started the next 10 week course at our local children's centre - Hands on Health. We are learning basic massage techniques including hand, arm, shoulders, tiny bit of reflexology, and 3 weeks devoted to the full indian head massage (can't wait for that one). I've also been completing an order for the shop, plus doing other bits to put in the shop - it's just mad around here (well, madder than usual anyway ;-) ).
Because of the extension, money is rather tight, so I'm only allowed to buy crafty things when I've earned some cash from my shop (I'm pants with money so this way I am limiting myself). I have plenty of stuff on my shelves for the general things I make, the only thing I'm really eager to have a go at is the soap. I'm slowly building up the basics I need, so that, hopefully, sometime soon, I'll be able to show you some homemade soap.

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