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16 January 2010

Must stop going in charity shops!!

Now I distinctly remember saying I didn't need any more fabric - I should just use up what I have! But how can anyone resist such bargains when they come up like that?! Both the quilt covers are reversible so I actually get 4 different fabrics, not just 2. Does that make it justifiable? The red fabric I got off ebay with my earnings as I couldn't find any red/white flowered fabric in the charity shops (my reason for being in them) to finish a red/white bag that has been sat waiting for a while. Anyway, off to finish said bag.


Pippa said...

I love getting fabric from old duvets and charity shops and ebay are great for this.

Becks said...

That paisley fabric is fantastic1 Why do I never find such great stuff? Enjoy your bargain fnd. x

ruby said...

you can never have enough fabric - thats my excuse anyway!!