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20 March 2010

Swaps and cards

As it's the Spring Equinox/Ostara today it's the day for opening our GP season swap. This is what we sent to the lovely PixieMama - an appliqued springy picture and a finger-knitted then stitched nest with wet felted eggs (made by JJ and myself).

We also took part in a separate swap organised by Liz - this is what we sent. A cherry blossom fairy and a beeswax egg candle. I've received the gift from Liz but I'm unable to photograph it yet. We got a gorgeous felted bowl and a fabric seal/bird (embarrassingly some of us think its a seal and some of us think it's a bird). They are both beautiful.

Two more birthday cards (on the same theme as the last ones) for the remaining girly birthday's this month.


Pippa said...

Wow, what gorgeous swap items!! You're so clever!

Liz said...

lol it is meant to be a bird but I totally get how it could be a seal lol ahhh a multi tasking item perfect! ;)
and thank you so much for our gifts, they are lovely.