'If we did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.' Thomas Edison

15 March 2010


Just thought I'd stop by and winge ;-). Well not really, but I am fed up with this awful sore throat/cough/cold thing. It leaves me with no motivation/energy to do the crafty things that I should be getting on with, let alone the decorating, housework, gardening, etc, etc that also needs doing. Oh well, hopefully get some energy soon. Hope everyone else is well and getting on with lovely things.


Dawn said...

I hear ya! I was feeling a lot like this recently - never seemed to shifl the colds and sore throats and coughs, but on the mend now so hope you will be soon.
Thankyou for your lovely comments in my felting figures - thinking about making some to sell now, so will let you know ;-)
Take care of yourself xxx

Pippa said...

Whinge away, these bugs are a pain in the bum and make even the smallest task hard work. I'm fed up with sniffing and searching for tissues. I'm at that stage in my cold where it takes about half an hour to blow my nose and five minutes afterwards, I'm sniffing again, it's embarrassing when in polite society (at home I just sniff!!)

Hope you are feeling better soon and when you are, make sure you don't let housework or chores get in the way of some crafting!!