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31 March 2010

Need a kick up the backside!

I don't know if it's a combination of the looonngggg winter or having the builders in since the beginning of January, but I've been doing bugger all these past few weeks. It still feels like I haven't stopped but I think that's just my brain whirring all the time with things that need doing, orders I should be doing, blah, blah, blah. I know I've been spending far too much time on the computer, though I don't really know what I've been doing as it's been 10 whole days since I posted on here! The things I have to show you (except for the card above) have all been made by talented mama's elsewhere. The card was for my nephew's birthday - the picture is one he loved and posted up on facebook so I printed it off, after resizing it, then made the card. I never got round to making the anniversary card, shame on me.

Now to the gifts we've received for the season swap on the Green Parent Forum. We have a pom pom chick, a daffodil, a rabbit and a hen. Thank you so much Daisypip, they are just beautiful.

This is a daffodil bud baby kit that I bought from Myriad. I was a little sceptical when I recieved it but it has come together beautifully.

These are the season swap gifts we received from Liz, as mentioned in the previous post. We've filled the bowl with our different eggs.

And just look at these gifts! Arn't they just gorgeous?! They were made by the most amazing crafting mama - go take a look at her blog. Dawn very kindly sent these as a surprise for me - my very own needle felted Mother Earth and her root children. Just gorgeous. Thank you so much xxxx.

So here is our season/nature table this year. We also have a vase with daffodils and forsythia in it but I don't put it on here in case the cats decide they are going to sit there! You'll have to excuse the dust - unfortunately the builders only clean the work area, not the rest of the house that likes to share plaster dust!!!!


Pippa said...

What a gorgeous season table!! That would make me feel springlike, even if the weather outside feels more like December!!

If you need a kick up the bum, so do I. I'm just so tired at the moment and although I'm enjoying browsing and buying lots of craft and sewing books, when it comes to actually putting pin to fabric, I just don't have the va-va-voom!! I know I keep saying it and am probably unrealistically pinning my hopes on it, but I think (hope) we'll all feel more energised when the sun comes out and Spring starts!!

Scented Sweetpeas said...

aaahh that bud baby is so so cute! I am trying to keep my crafty momentum going as I really enjoy it but it is hard isn't it. Hope you get a kick soon :-)

Dawn said...

So pleased Mother Earth and babies arrived safely, and they look very at home there. Lovely season crafts too above, and on top of your lovely crocheted blanket.

I had a bit of a "slow" time recently, wanting to craft but couldn't find the energy or time. As the Sun came out it re-energised me I think and I have done a few things now and have a few WIPs too.

When do the builders finish? I would imagine the disruption of this in your home would disturb your creativity, it would mine.

Love your Season table.