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03 April 2010

Fingers crossed!

You'll have to excuse the rubbish focusing on the photos but I was very excited. Hubby took JJ out for a few hours so I decided it was probably now or never for soap making. The above picture is once the water/caustic soda mix has been added to the fats mix - it looks just like condensed milk mmmmmm.

Once trace was reached I added lavender essential oil and a spoonful of dried lavender, then poured it into the tub. I got the recipe from this book

Aaron decided he wanted to make a creature - here's the result. I love it!

Right, fingers crossed that I will be showing you a set soap tomorrow ;-). Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.

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Scented Sweetpeas said...

oohh I have never made soap so look forward to your creation, lavendar is so relaxing. Loving your sons creation :-)