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30 April 2010

Kick up the backside

These last few weeks/months have been difficult while the builders have been in. Time has been spent away from the stuff I like doing or sat at a computer wallowing! It's been sending my hormones haywire (and bringing with it a shouty mummy!) so I've been trying to give myself a preverbial kick up the backside. I know I'm not alone in this things - many of the blogs I read are saying the same thing.
Right, lets get down to business ;-). The above is a piccie of 2 sheets I got in the charity shop for £1.50 each - ones a double and ones a single. Absolute bargains.

With the aforementioned fabric and some canvas that I dyed I sat and made this bag last night. I've been meaning to make myself a new bag for ages, one which goes over my shoulder, and this is perfect. It only took a couple of hours too.

This was made by the lovely Dawn over at Raising Seedlings.

I've made some dandelion cordial over the last 2 days as well, inspired again by Dawn. Tastes lovely - a bit honey-y. Quite sweet, so next time I'll add an extra lemon. I've got ginger cordial infusing and plans for a nettle cordial?! hopefully. I've also been fishing round in my freezer and found some elderberries and blackberries from last year - I'll add this with some rhubarb from the garden and some apples and make some mixed fruit cordial too.
Oooh, and the soap will be ready to try this weekend so I'll let you know how that is. I've still got to do a tutorial for you all, so now my butt is in gear and the end of the building/decorating is in sight, you shouldn't have to wait too long.


Anonymous said...

love the bag:) i could do with a kick(or three)up the backside too!x

Dawn said...

Ooh, lovely - glad you tried the dndelion cordial. Will be making some soon - picked loads the other day but then Imogen was unwell so didn't get around to making it. Thinking of doing it with Lemon Balm here.
Have made a nettle one though, but haven't got around to popping on the blog yet.

Jacqui said...

Nice to catch up with you again Shell - love that bag. I need to stop wallowing around on here and get more done, so a kick up the bahookey for me too. xx

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Fab fab makes there! I just got a soap making kit after being inspired by many bloggers making their own, look forward to seeing your tutorial :-)

nocton4 said...

goodness, I had those sheets as a kid LOL
lovely to see you back, busy as always

Pippa said...

What brilliant fabric finds! I love the bag. I want to make a bag for myself, I've been thinking about it for ages and looking around for the right pattern/fabric.

I love the knitted world, so clever.