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20 May 2010

Busy as usual

I could really do with a few more hours each day, but anyway......Here's some scotch eggs that I made - some of them split but they still tasted ok.

And here's the "experiment" that JJ made while I was making said scotch eggs (egg shells, beaten egg, flour, breadcrumbs and some orange peel he took out of my little compost pot, just in case you wanted the recipe ;-) ).

Trying out flatbreads on my new griddle. Also great for mini pancakes.

More brooches for the craft fair. I've got a huge list of things I want to make, definitely need more hours. It's been a busy week - the builders are now gone, yay, so we've got Aaron and Nathan in their rooms now, which meant a trip to Ikea on Thursday. Remember the Ikea advert on the TV with the car overloaded with stuff - well imagine that with a campervan ;-). We drove home very carefully. The house is in desparate need of sorting out but I don't have the motivation as I just don't know where to start (although the wardrobe and chest of drawers are now out of the kitchen!). The garden needs sorting too.......
......I'm gonna stop there otherwise I'll get depressed. The sun is shining today so we're off to the beach (sorry house). Hope everyone else is doing something lovely.

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Dawn said...

I like JJ's concoction, was it as tasty as it sounded?!? ;-)

Looks like you're busy for your craft fair, can't wait to hear more about it.

I know what you mean about sorting out the house, I'm deep into this at the moment as stuff is everywhere it shouldn't be, but I just haven't the motivation either. Spending time in the garden instead, but the mess isn't going away - I think I need a plan! But instead I'm online catching up with reading (oops).