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29 May 2010

Thank You Pippa

I received a beautiful blogger award from the lovely Pippa a couple of days ago - thank you so much, it made my day. I love Pippa's blog and find her a true inspiration so to receive this award from her is just wonderful. I now have to pick 10 blogs that I would want to give this award to and then right 10 things about myself. The blog bit was extremely difficult as I read far too many ;-), so I asked myself which ones I wouldn't want to be without. Here goes:-
Some are inspiring crafts, some are inspiring mothering, some are honest, all are beautiful (and one has a workshop that I lust after!)
Now 10 things about myself. Hmmm....
As a child I always wanted to be a twin.
I'm not one to follow patterns - I like to do my own thing.
I hoard things.
I married my school sweetheart and still get butterflies over 20 years later.
I always thought I would have 3 children - all 3 were planned too. (I also kept up the family tradition by being pregnant when I got married).
I dislike dusting and cleaning the bathroom - these were the jobs I had as a child.
I wish I could sing.
.......struggling now.......
I bite my nails.
I over compensate for having not much as a child to having too much stuff now!
I am just starting my spiritual path.
Heck, that was hard work ;-). Hope everyone has a lovely bank holiday weekend and that the sun shines for you all. xx


Dawn said...

Thankyou so much Shell.
This is where I get embarassed though as I've had a couple of awards before and never get around to posting about them or passing on. Maybe I should, have a busy weekend planned so will think about this and post about it after the weekend.

Thanks, and hope you have a fantastic bank holiday xxx

Pippa said...

Aw, thank you! xxxx

Jacqui said...

Thank you for that Shell xxx

Heather said...

Thank you Shell. That's very kind of you. :-)

Charlotte said...

Thank you :0) Feel all gooey now! Will post my award with pride very soon xx