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01 May 2010


Ginger cordial all bottled up. Rather than waste the ginger root that I used, I put that in a sterlised jar with a little of the cordial that I'd reduced down further to make it more syrupy - no waste with that recipe ;-).
I've been watching Grow Your Own Drugs again - what a fantastic programme and book. He suggested putting lemongrass in some water to root it - so that's what I've done here. Also put my lemon rinds in with my white vinegar to try and impart some of the scent into it. I've ordered a few supplies from Baldwins so I can try some of his other concoctions, and I've been in the garden planting some new herbs too. My aim is to make most of my own Christmas presents this year so I'm building up supplies now.

Quick picture update on my dreads. The roots are rather messy - hubby is trying various ways to try and tame them for me, but it's not really succeeding. We'll keep at it though.

And lastly, a piccie of our hard-working cats!


Actually, I'm quite nervous/excited as we are going to a wedding tomorrow (haven't been to a wedding for years) so I've had to buy a posh frock. Don't really do formal at all - there's even heels involved! Off to make a card, a brooch and a new hairband ready (fingers crossed it keeps my mind from thinking too much about it ;-) ).

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Scented Sweetpeas said...

what a great way to use ginger. So glad I am not the only one who gets nervous going to weddings, I have one soon and am also nervous/excited. Have to buy posh clothes for all of us and we are usually the welly gang - not sure they would be happy if we turned up in wellies :-)