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28 May 2010

Having a great time

Very busy at the minute but in a lovely way (even enjoying some housework, sshhh). The stress of having the builders in was far greater than I realised, but they are gone now and everything else is great. The above are the two snugglies I had an order for. All posted now.

I made these felt tin covers last night - just need another tin for the green one!

After a quick look in a charity shop today I came away with these three doilies for 50p - fabulous. This is what they look like now......

Definitely enjoying getting ready for this craft fair - far more than I thought I would. June is a month of birthdays, so I need to be fairly organised (hehehe) so I'm not making cards at the last minute because of stocking up on pieces for the fair. I can live in hope ;-).
Oooo, I recieved a beautiful blogger award from the lovely Pippa so I shall post about that tomorrow hopefully - got to think of 10 things about myself and whittle my blog list down to just 10 beautiful blogs!!!!


Jacqui said...

Hope the craft fair goes well for you. I love what you have done with those doillies. xxx

Dawn said...

Loving your makes, pity we're not closer as I'd love to come and meet and support you at your craft fair - I'm sure you will have a fabulous time x