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18 September 2010

The Book

I wasn't sure whether to post this or not, but then I thought someone else might like to give it a go too. I've been wanting to chart my menstrual cycle for ages. I did some research and found various charts for charting alsorts of things - many that I wouldn't have linked to my cycle! I can't remember where I found this now, which is very frustrating, but I copied it down on a scrap of paper, waiting for the book. The above picture is a next week's chart with dates, moon cycle, my cycle, plus various headings. It should be big enough for you to read them.
This is the key to the charting which I have done on the first page so I can refer back to it, but it is quite straight forward really.

This is this week's pages. I have done it so that the opposite page is blank so I can write any notes/dreams/thoughts/etc on it. I'm really looking forward to charting everything and then seeing any patterns that emerge. Hopefully it will help me manage my cycle/moods better :o)


Pippa said...

That's a really good idea. I read a great book once called 'Alchemy For Women' which dealt with the various dreams that we get throughout our cycle. It made a lot of sense of the horrible, frightening dreams that I used to get around the time of my period and made me feel like I was more than just a passenger, at the mercy of my hormones! I'm still drooling over that book and trying to find a very good reason to buy one! xxx

Monica said...

hi there.

fabulous. this can help you start becoming in tune with your changing self throught your cycle. it's very empowering!

sue said...

thanks for sharing this shell. i usually just make mental notes of things that occur on a regular basis throughout the cycle..but this aging brain is not very reliable at the best of times lol. have been thinking of doing this to get a clearer picture, so this is just the inspiration i need to get started.