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27 September 2010


The first batch of soap is ready to put in the shop - lemon and tea tree (with coffee grounds).

Patchouli and orange will be ready this coming weekend - this is my favourite so far :o)

I've managed to make a couple more cards - one is an old style one and the other is a new one I'm trying. I seem to have found a little bit of my crafting energy back again - definitely think the weather has something to do with it (hubby working 12 hour days isn't helping either).

These are the mini stockings I started a couple of weeks ago. They're about 4inches high, open at the top, with a hessian loop and a couple of bells. Great for hanging on the tree, or using as gift tags with the label/note popped in the top (this is what I'll use mine for anyway ;o) ). Off to update the shop. Autumn blessings to everyone.


Jenevieve said...

The soap looks great! I like the combinations! :)
The cards and stocking sare lovely too. Glad you managed to get your crafting energy back! :) x

Pippa said...

The soap looks lovely, will have a browse in your shop when I get a moment!