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15 September 2010

Drooling :o)

With the money I was given for my birthday in August I decided to treat myself to a new journal. I wanted something to chart my cycle/the lunar cycle - Earthworks Journals were suggested to me by someone on the Green Parent Forum. Oh my, it arrived yesterday, and what a joy it is. All handmade and handbound, The Goddess sits on the front with the lunar phases too - perfectly appropriate for the intended purpose.

Managed to do some sewing too, yipee. I nearly sat and gawked at the tv all evening but I made myself get the machine out and I'm so glad I did. Just got to put the press studs on now then I can get them posted.

I cut the patchouli and orange soap this morning too. This smells sooooo good. I'm hoping to get another lot made today. Hope everyone else manages to do something they like today :o)


Becks said...

Such a beautiful planner.
Hope you continue to have a great day.
My plans include finally giving in and visiting a GP (but a lovely AP pro XBF one ;-) ) and a driving lesson eek! And hopefully geting the sewing machine out.

Dawn said...

Lovely journal. I have some of their leather bound journals and love them, love the feel of the paper they use too. I have the wraparound style ones and love them.


Earth Mama said...

gorgeous!! perfect little book of shadows too:-)

sue said...

gorgeous:) looking at it just makes you want to pick it up and write in it. thanks for sharing that..will check out the link.


Pippa said...

That journal is so beautiful, I must have a look at the website!

I like the look of those soaps too, looking forward to when you start selling them.

Glad you had a good, crafty kind of day, I did too and I feel very upbeat after it! xx

Jacqui said...

No wonder you are drooling - what a beautiful journal. Glad you had a good day, we did too - nice leafy walk in the park. xx

Jenevieve said...

Oooh, leather bound journals are fantastic!
Just imagining the smell of the soap, it sounds delicious! :) x