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16 January 2011


Well hello :o). How are you all? I sure hope you are all well and not suffering too much with the January blues. We've had a few days away at centreparcs so I'm feeling a little more refreshed but have definitely had some flat feelings. It seems that everyone is urging spring on, and the snowdrops in the garden have definitely got a spurt on.
I've not done much crafting lately - been more in the sorting and clearing out mood but I just wanted to show you my christmas present from my lovely hubby. The only thing I would have liked was my laundry/cloak room finished to that's what hubby did for me. Nothing exciting to most, but for me it meant that there was a place for things that were scattered about the house, a place to fold clothes that wasn't my bed, and a place for all my soaps. So here's a little tour (above picture is the wall with the coats, with shoe racks underneath) ......

the drier with worktop for folding clothes and the bargain belfast sink we got off ebay,

the other end of the wall with the washing machine, worktop space and re-purposed nappy bucket which holds the bulk washpowder,

above the worktop are the shelves which hold my soap equipment and soaps, then other household odds and sods.

Now, to go with my new laundry room I needed to make some new bits and pieces...above is the new carrier bag holder as my other one was falling to pieces. We also needed something else to put our hats, scarves and gloves in so I made us each a bag to hang on our peg - note how manly they are (hubby certainly thinks so ;o) ).

And lastly, the old poopy bag holder we had was too small really and needed a handle so we could hang it on the peg with the lead, so I made this too. It has a pillow case type opening on the back so you can get a full pack of bags in without messing them up, and then you can pull them out the front as you need them.

I might attempt a small blind for the door window, and I'll definitely make a bag for the rags too. I do love my new room :o).
It shouldn't be so long between next posts, and I do have a little bit of non-practical sewing to show you once it's finished. Sunshine blessings to you all.


Claire said...

I'm with you for getting excited about new storage space. Love the idea with bags for each peg, just wish we had enough pegs for people in the house!

Becks said...

Fab christmas idea from your husband.
Would love a room to keep all my sewing/knitting/making stuff and random bits in. Would have to rehome a couple of young people first though so it's not going to happen.
Good to see you back.

arwen_tiw said...

Beautiful storage space! I'm glad to see you back too, and feeling refreshed from your holiday. :)

Jenevieve said...

The storage space looks great! I'm jelous, we need shelve and things as well, it's just a mess in some areas as I've nowhere to put things! :) x

Dawn said...

Lovely to see you back, glad you had a nice break.
Storage space looks great, trying hard to get mine more organised here, such a big task - I've really let things get in a mess.

Jem said...

Wow, what a great present. There's never enough room in our house to home coats/shoes/bits and pieces so I am very envious of you :-) XXXX

Florrie said...

What a very clever hubby you have there, and I love the fabric you've used for your laundry room makes.......brilliant.

florrie x