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04 March 2011

Happy, happy, happy

My first ever batch of marmalade.

A lovely parcel of fabric, hoops and patterns from the very lovely Jacqui. Thank you so much xxx

And my GP book swap gift from the lovely Dawn...thank you for listening xxx


Dawn said...

Lovely, and I'll always be here to listen to you lovely mama. I have to say it wasn't me who sent the book though - I didn't get around to signing up for the book swap. I imagine it was the other Dawn (dawnsbrood).

Marmalade is making my mouth water - looks delicious!


The Barefoot Crofter said...

Marmalade looks fab and glad the parcel arrived - sorry about all that duct tape:). Enjoy your bookshare - I wasn't sure where I would be, so didn't sign up either. xx

Becks said...

Ooh, bookshare - sounds interesting?
Marmalade looks delicious.
So lovely to come back online and see that you appear so much happier. I have been thinking about you xx