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29 March 2011

Catch-up :o)

Blimey it's been a while so there's lots of pictures to show you :o). My brother has wanted to be a tattoo artist for years, so now he's got his equipment I volunteered to be a guinea pig. This is what we managed saturday night. He's having trouble getting the transfer to stay which is why my fairy only has a face and a wing! ;o).

Haven't made a swiss roll for years so I whipped this up quick the other day for tea. Only took 25 mins start to finish. I wasn't particulary impressed though..to rubbery for me :o(.

The wonderful Attic24 had a very simple heart pattern the other day so I did a few. Very easy and very effective I think.

A bowl I'm not particularly happy with.

The scarf all finished with the beads. I'm really pleased with this as it's for my sister's birthday in June.

Some snakes. I'm going to fill these with wheat so they move about rather than laying stiffly.

,And finally, the crochet star bunting. I actually finished these last week but I've been so rubbish with the online blog/shop stuff I really must make more of an effort. Not going to sell anything if I don't put it in the shops I am?!


Dawn said...

All lovely, love the idea of stars for bunting.
Look forward to seeing your tattoo progress, looking good x

Joxy said...

Oohh lovely :-)