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20 March 2011

More blocking and gifts

Here's my wonderful spring season swap gift - just gorgeous. Thank you Claire xx

And here's the crochet scarf that I started way back in February. I've been picking it up every now and then, intermingling with other things I've made to ease the boredom, then finished it a couple of nights ago. I blocked it yesterday, along with another choker I made months ago!, so now I just need to buy some beads to decorate the ends.


Jenevieve said...

Lovely swap gift! The scarf and choker look lovely, I have to say that I'm not very good at blocking, I tend to just let things curl! :) x

Mom2fur said...

Everything is very pretty! I have a Christmas scarf I need to block. Never got around to it so it will be for next year. It makes me wonder why some patterns lay nice and flat and others curl in on themselves. And why does this happen more with knitting than crochet? Hmmm...