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25 July 2010

Just a quickie

Haven't got the piccies done yet (been too busy this weekend) but I just wanted to show you this new shop from the lovely Pippa. Go take a look :o)


Pippa said...

Aw, you're kind, thank you! I have sold the three little dolls that I opened the shop with yesterday! I'm on cloud nine as I was worrying about the price a lot and telling myself not to be disappointed if nothing sold! Thanks so much for giving me the encouragement to do this! xxxx

Claire said...

Yes, someone beat me to the dollies! I love them! Might be asking for a bespoke purple one :) Shell, Pippa's link is for a different blog by someone else?? I usually get that up when I type it in incorrectly and then remember Pip's has hyphens in between the words. By the way, gorgeous bunting on the post above this! xxx

Shell said...

Well done Pippa, and thanks Claire.