'If we did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.' Thomas Edison

06 July 2010

Trying to be busy

The one on the left was for my neice's 13th birthday last week and the one on the right is to go in the shop. I'm trying to be busy with the crafty stuff, especially as the craft fair is only 7 weeks away (eek) but the weather doesn't really help. I know I shouldn't complain but, hey, I'm British so I think that means I'm allowed ;o).

Can you see the concentration on my face - tongue nearly out and everything. JJ got hold of the camera while I was tying raffia on some soap.

I've managed to make these 6 fabric boxes today and....

....this bag yesterday. Made with a re-purposed denim skirt and belt buckle. Lovely and lightweight, lined too. Try and get it in the shop tomorrow. I've also made some medium sized gift bags and another crocheted brooch, but I forgot to take the pictures before the light got too low. Hope everyone else is busy (or not) doing things they love.


Claire said...

Forgot to let you know soap is great. Still going strong, and has a great lather - good for leg shaving :) And mild for children. My rashy two are fine using it x

Pippa said...

Yes, the little piece of soap you gave me is only just disappearing. It was lovely, really creamy and gorgeous smelling. Eva said it made her hands feel soft!

Faces of concentration are funny. Sometimes you don't know your doing it, till you realise that your face hurts and has been clamped in the same position for ages!!

I love the bag you made from the denim skirt, really pretty and the cards are great too.