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26 July 2010

Piccies :o)

8 baby mice relocated from our shed!

Needlecases and my pin cushion.


Crocheted Hairband.

San pro pockets.



Pippa said...

Oh, those little meecies are so cute!!

I love those bags!! Can't decide which one I like the best between the VW Beetle bag and the pale blue with hearts on. Are they commission bags or will they be in your shop? If they aren't going in the shop, could I order one like the VW Beetle bag please. It's just a treat for me, so no rush, I know you will be busy stocking up for the craft fair, so I can wait. xxxx

Claire said...

Wow, you have been busy! Beautiful things, those bags are gorgeous!

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Those mice are just so cute, shame they are little mischiefs and chew through everything.

Wow those makes are fab, love the bags especially.

Joxy said...

Oh my, I love the purple bag with the flower, that is gorgeous!

Heather said...

What fun bags. Love the applique. I learned to drive on a 1962 VW Bug and will always love them. ;-)