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31 July 2010


............I could spend hours looking (and stroking) my new pile of felt. I only use pure wool felt, bought from Myriad, as it feels lovely, looks lovely, and is very easy to work with. Mmmmm.

I've had another order for felt food and a bag this weekend and decided to try a couple of new things to go in it. Can you tell what they are? (I really hope you can otherwise I'm buggered ;o) ). And here's all the pieces together ready for the bag.

Hope your all having a lovely weekend whatever your doing :o).


Pippa said...

Your felt food is brilliant! The bag that we bought from you last year is still going strong and many visiting relatives have been handed burgers by the little ones!

Jenevieve said...

I love felt, it's great to work with isn't it! I'll need tp get some more soon for making Christmas presents. Your felt food looks great! :)

Dawn said...

Fabulous, and I can vouch for your felt food bags being lovely, Imogen loves playing with hers regularly and it's still in fantastic condition.
Tomato and either gherkin or cucumber? - your new pieces look great. I'd love to increase Imogens felt food stock and have lots of patterns and inspiration I've found, but never find the time with everything else going on, or maybe I'm just procrastinating and should just get on with it.

Love the big pile of felt, very strokeable.

Carolyn said...

Lovely, lovely felt food. I have made a few knitted things but I'm guessing the felt must be quicker and more effective. That pile of colours is yummy enough in itself!!!

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Gorgeous makes there , oohh I am trying to talk myself into buying little sweetpea a bag of your feltfood but it isn't her birthday yet.