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04 June 2011

Garden treats and surprises


Freebie crate from our local recycling centre which is now filled with chive seeds as the chickens decided they loved my others!!

A wonderful surprise hidden at the back of the garden....redcurrants growing through from a neighbours plant.

Chamomile growing in the grass (yes it is a bit long but I bent the lawnmower blade and I'm waiting for hubby to straighten it again).

Fabulous, rich compost - £1 a bag at our local recycling/council centre.

I forgot to show you these in March, but they are actually sweet violets growing in the garden - another wonderful surprise.

I LOVE roses, and this one is a stunner. It's huge and blousy and smells absolutely divine.

A couple of snails full of the joys of spring ;o).

And the same for the chickens ;o).

And my poor strawberries that the chickens destroyed. I managed to save 10 of plants, although there was hardly any plant left, and look at them now. There's not much plant but they are all heaving with strawberries.

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Jenevieve said...

Your garden is looking great! Jealous of all those strawberry's, mine got beaten by the wind and are only just trying to get flowers now! I guess we're a bit behind up here weather wise anyway! Great free crate as well! :) x

Dawn said...

It's lovely to see some beautiful sights in your garde, and your chickens too. Some lovely fruit to come soon x

verdemama said...

mmmm, I love this time of year and all of the lil garden surprises. That rose is gorgeous!

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Loving your chickens posh parasol :-) I hope they have laid lots of eggs as a sorry for the strawberry demolition!

The Barefoot Crofter said...

Your hen ladies have a very Des res! great growing things And I so covet that crate!