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07 June 2011


Meat and tattie pie made from leftover brisket from Sundays dinner. Even better is the 2nd pie (below right) I managed to get out of the leftovers, so there's one gone in the freezer. I had enough pastry leftover to make a small apple pie - uncooked here....

....and out of the oven here, mmmmmmm.

I'm also loving this magazine. I know it has been mentioned on a few blogs already but I can't praise it enough. It may not be taxing enough for some crafters but for me it is fabulous, and it's full of pieces - whether they be vintage items of craft items (or vintage craft items ;o) ) - that just make me smile so much. It feels like the perfect magazine, and it also makes me realise I'm not an that much of an oddity either ;o). It's also made me realise that the Knitter Natter group is not exactly what I wanted either....I want something that is based around all fabric/yarn crafts, something where we can sit for the afternoon and craft away with a cuppa, where we can have a demo on something one month, where we can swap supplies/stories/laughs, where we can learn from each other....I think I better stop yearning and see how I can make this happen.

Hope you've all got something your loving right now.


Dawn said...

I like the magazine, just not enough to buy it, but I can see it's appeal. Glad you are enjoying it.

What you are looking for in the group sounds very similar to our Guild - although our Guild is spinning, weaving and dyeing, we also have demos and talks on felting, and many other crafts - basketry and the likes. I don't know what kind of craft guilds you may have in your area, might be worth a look at them though, but they may not cover all your crafts. Otherwise you could start one if you can gauge some interest.

Pippa said...

Ah, those pies!! They look so tasty and how satisfying to fill your freezer with lovely, home-made food!!

Hmmm, I bought the first issue of Mollie makes and didn't think I would buy it again, but that front cover looks very tempting ......... magazines are my weakness I'm afraid! The craft centre near our old house used to have a 'Textile Club' once a month which I managed to go to once. I really enjoyed it and got lots of sewing done. I never managed to go again though as didn't have a babysitter. I hope you find the right group for you soon. xxxxx

Heather said...

That apple pie looks so good - you're making me hungry.