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09 June 2011


.....these prayers and blessings with everyone :o). This lovely lady brought some back for me so they are now fluttering in the wind in the back garden. They look stunning. Thank you again Ruth.

It's my brother and sister's birthday today so here's the cards....

.....and a star hanger thingy for my sister. She also received the crochet scarf that I made at the beginning of the year. She thought it was a table runner but hey ho! :o).

Oh, and I just have to show you these. They are my first ever lasagnes! I've never eaten lasagne as I've never liked it, which meant that no-one else got to eat them either. Well today I was going out for dinner with my sister for her birthday so I thought I'd have a go at making one for the boys. I made that much that I have one for the freezer too...and even better...I tried a bit and I loved it!!!!! Think I shall be adding that to our menu then (and buying myself a proper lasagne dish).

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Claire said...

Beautiful prayer flags, and I love the star hanging. You have been busy.

I had the most gorgeous wild mushroom lasagne on holiday, lovely!