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19 June 2011


We've had a birthday in the house...12!! Blimey that's nearly 2 teenagers..eek. He put his own candles on, lit them and blew them out one by one - who needs wishes :o).

I'm going to be spending the afternoon making a couple of birthday cards for my SIL and nephew, and finishing her bag (it's a good job I started it months ago!!), before having my Sunday lunch then going out to Knitter natter. I've also been designing a few more cards so I'll be doing some of those later too.

Can I just have a little winge about leaving comments on other blogs. I know that a few others have been having the same problems with logging in/leaving comments but blogger says it's been fixed! Well it hasn't blogger...I've been unable to leave comments on loads of blogs that I would usually respond to. It feels horrible not been able to say something when someone has gone to loads of trouble to prepare a post, especially if that post is from someone who may need a little lift/boost/virtual hug. Lets hope it gets sorted out properly.


Jenevieve said...

Happy birthday to your son!Love the marshmallow number on the cake! I haven't had anymore problems with blogger recently, so hoping yours will be sorted out soon too! It is awful when you can't leave comments! :) x

Becks said...

Birthday wishes to your son and happy memories to you Shell.
Have been having trouble leaving comments myself lately, hate it. Always feel awful when I can't thank someone or give them a virtual hug, or just to let them know how they are appreciated.

Claire said...

I am so going to have to do the whole candles in marshmallows!! Happy Birthday!

I've been having problems with blogger too, so frustrating!