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24 June 2011

More Birthdays!!

Finally finished the bag for my SIL the day before her birthday - it's a good job I'm organised not!! Her card was like the one below but it was purple felt/writing...this one is for my nephew who's birthday is today.

And here's something a little different. I'd had a ball of really chunky wool sat next to me for months (yes, organised again) as I couldn't decide what to do with it. Then I had an idea so I started, then added some other wools too and this is what I came up with...

...a bedside mat. It's really thick as I used a 9mm hook and really soft too. I've got another on the hook now ;o).

Hope everyone actually has some sunshine where you are, and that you have some lovely plans for the weekend. We're off to the local agricultural show in the next village and a mini heat wave has been forcast so it should be good.


Dawn said...

Lovely bag, and a great idea for the bedside mat too.
Have a great weekend at the show, we have the school summer fayre tomorrow so looking forward to some fun!

Pippa said...

The bag is lovely, my DD would adore that fabric!! I love the mat too.

Have a good weekend, I like going to country shows, especially if there is a craft tent! This weekend, I am picking my chickens up which I'm very excited about and a bit nervous about too. I've waited years to have chickens and now it all seems a bit scary, but that's me through and through!! Have a lovely weekend. xxx

Anonymous said...

love the mat :)