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08 June 2009

A bit of all sorts

Here's the snuggly I made for Claire's bump (thanks for the piccie) - I left it simple so there were no bits that babe could choke on. The velour is very soft and makes you want to stroke it (or is that just me!)

I crocheted this last night - a dishcloth. I also made another one tonight as they are so quick to make and much better than shop bought cloths. We do reuse old fabrics for cloths as well, but these last much longer and seem to wash the pots better too. The dishcloth cotton came from a charity shop a few years back - I think there was 7 balls for £2.00.

It's my brother and sister's birthday tomorrow (they're not twins, just born on the same day) so here's the card for my brother. He's really into Metallica and this is from one of their albums, I think, so hopefully he'll like it. My sister is getting one of the stitched fairy cards as I love them, and hope she will too.
Another bargain I got in the charity shop the other day, and forgot to tell you about, was some candle wax dye for 50p. There are 5 different colours which you then add to 1kg of wax or I supppose you could cut them down if you had less wax. Anyway, I'll try and remember to get a picture to show you what I'm waffling on about :-).

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Pippa said...

I like the snuggly!! Yes, I think velor is lovely stuff, really soft and my favourite colour too!!