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20 June 2009

Up and down sort of week

After Monday's bereavement counselling session, Tuesday was definitely a down. Wednesday was up with the Suma catalogue and the food boxes. Thursday was the dentist so that was definitely a down. Friday was a bit of both (above cards are for my Sister-in-law and Nephew's birthdays) and today is definitely a down. Stressed about lots of things as well as the counselling - can't quite put my finger on them all yet. I still have the tub that my Mum's ashes were in, can't bring myself to get rid of it. If it wasn't in the house I don't think I would be bothered about it - we scattered Mum's ashes on her birthday 3 years ago - but it's sat on my wardrobe opposite the bed. I know I should recycle it (she liked to recycle) but something stops me. Think I'm clinging again.

Needed to make something for me so I made these liners for our old fruit basket. I'm going to use it to display some of the smaller items I make.
Just realised it's Father's Day tomorrow and I haven't made a card yet.

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