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26 June 2009

Love, love, loving the sewing machine

After tea I sat down to play with my sister's sewing machine while the kids were watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - oh I do miss mine. I made the playmat which matches the toy bag and I made the pink bag as well. The playmat measures 110cm square (probably a little big but never mind). I'll show you the bag once the recipient has received it.
For those of you who wonder how I manage to fit everything in - I do the bare minimum of housework, and I make sure that I have crafty time otherwise I would go mad (well madder than I am already ;-) ).
I've got a fair few jobs that I can do now I've got a machine - finish the road playmat, make my san pro pads, alter the curtains, hem some table clothes for my sister (I should have done these tonight as that was one of the conditions of me borrowing the machine, whoops), make the bed storage pockets...........going to stop there.

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Pippa said...

I love my sewing machines. I began with an old Singer that I bought for £5 from a junk shop when I was in my teens, it needed lots of TLC but still works beautifully - it has a little handle and makes a very lovely sound. I' mostly use my Brother which I LOVE!! You need to get your sewing machine fixed Shell!!!