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10 June 2009

Settled enough for...

...a couple of hours of crafting Yay. Hubby took our youngest out with him after tea so I was able to do a bit of catching up on the internet and then I set to and made these for the shop. It's been a bit neglected of late but hopefully that will change as I get to grips with my grieving. There's so many things that I've got buzzing round my head, and there are things that people suggest (thank you Claire) that there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day. I think I need to set aside some time specifically for shop crafting. I can but hope ;-).

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Claire said...

You're doing great hon! Do what you said: make some Shell time and book it in the family diary so everyone knows 'do not disturb' - you are a professional crafter after all you know! xxx