'If we did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.' Thomas Edison

22 June 2009


The Father's Day card I made for my Dad. Things seem to be going ok with him at the moment so lets keep our fingers crossed.

These are the items we received in the GP season swap - a gorgeous foxglove fairy and a dog rose fairy. They are both absolutely beautiful. We also received a display card with the lifecycle of the ladybird on it. Thank you very much.

This was part of the swap I sent out. It's a crocheted sun bowl. I also made a felt butterfly and a lavendar wand but forgot to photograph them.

My Father-in-law fetched some more beeswax from the car boot sale at York racecourse on Saturday. It's surprising how different the colours are compared to the other wax I have. This morning I made 2 candles with them. I think the wicks are had left are actually too thin but I'll give them a go ;-).

My Mother-in-Law brought some fabric square panels that are usually used for patchwork cushions. She's given me 4 and ordered 2 bags from me with the other 2.

I've not done much on the ordered bag this week so I sat and did a bit more last night. Going to try and do a little bit this afternoon while peeping at Wimbledon :-).


Superstarpen said...

I am so glad you like your swap. I've never made peg dolls before but had great fun making them and superglueing felt to my fingers in the process!! Such a silly!

p.s I too have rediscovered my creative side since becoming a mum. Something about reclaiming what is really me. I think I'd feel lost in washing, tidying and mothering if I didn't.

Pippa said...

Ooh, I just love beeswax, the smell, the feel of it, I wish there was a stall selling it at our local car boot sale!!

The foxglove and Rose dolls are fantastic, Superstarpen, you should be proud of yourself!!!

Arlenkern74 said...

wow what lovely swaps, we really enjoyed swapping and can't wait till the next one x

Anonymous said...

Which car boot sale was this?! My Dad lives in York and if I can get some of that lovely Beeswax into the bargain I may have to start visiting him a bit more often ;)