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06 August 2010

Difficult Decision

I've been fretting the last few weeks about the craft fair at the end of the month - not because I don't want to do it, but because I keep selling the stock that I'm making, and I just can't keep enough of it in the house to do 3 days at the fair. I contemplated dropping down to 2 days but this past week I've had 7 more orders for stuff, so my stock has depleted even more!!! I just can't make it fast enough ;o). Do I drop down to one day? The cost of one day is £20 but the cost of the liability insurance which I have to have is £70, so.....I've decided to withdraw from the craft fair and put all the stock I was trying to hide from you lot into the shop. I've spent the last few hours updating that (still got a little more to go but I ran out of daylight), and tomorrow I'll have to update my MISI shop as that has been severely neglected!!
You can still leave comments regarding the soap here or at mail@handmadehaven.co.uk.


Pippa said...

That's really tricky because going to the craft fair would have been good advertising for your shop, but £70 insurance???? That's very mean I think and obviously hits the smaller craft stalls harder than the large company stalls. And if it rains the whole three days you'd still have to pay I expect :( No wonder Deeping Show seemed to be lacking in small, independent stalls!!

On the plus side, it's fantastic that you are in this position that you are selling your things as fast as you are making them!! I'm looking forward to seeing all the goodies that you'll be putting in the shop! There's always next year regarding the craft fair and it'll be interesting for you to go anyway and see what the other stalls are like and how busy it is.

Dawn said...

Oh what a shame but I can totally uderstand why - liability insurance is expensive for just a few days, you'd need to sell a lot for it to be worthwhile.
Good that you're busy selling from your shop though, maybe keep making at high levels and see about doing a show or a few shows later in the year (maybe a xmas one) and into next year to make the insurance cost worthwhile.

Karen Turner said...

The insurance cost does seem very high... Maybe a fair or two nearer Christmas might be good? Excellent that you're already selling very successfully though!