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24 August 2010

Long Day

Eldest was home at 8.30 last night, complete with re-broken nose and splint which he has to wear for a week. It was a long day. Managed to finish the bowl (which only needed the ends threading in), the bag and the card. I also contacted the chemist as I still hadn't heard anything and he got back to me. Apparently Rose essential oil is restricted to 2g per kilo due to methyleugenol being present. I went and did a little investigating as I didn't know what it was and found that it is a known human carcinogen. Link here for those interested. Not really sure what to do now. It is naturally occuring and there are 'safe' limits according to the chemists but.......! I could use rose geranium instead. I would greatly appreciate any thoughts on this.


Dawn said...

Wow, what a long day for your son, hope he heals well.

I didn't know that about rose oil, not one I've used before in anything. I'm not sure how I'd feel about using it - and selling a product with it in. Would you have to note that the soap contains a "safe" limit? Would that word put off a buyer? Mind you, there are worse things in commercially available soaps, aren't there.

There are so many things that are naturally occurring, so people consider them natural and safe, that are actually quite toxic, etc - in natural dyeing, the mordants used are toxic chemicals - naturally occurring, but still toxic.

I've not really offered my thoughts though - hmmm, I think I would go with using rose geranium personally, but then I'm not a fan of rose scented soaps anyway. You probably need to hear from others who have expressed an interest to you in the Rose soap and see what they feel. Maybe you could do some and see how it sells, and revisit changing it another time.

I'll stop waffling on now, take care xx

LesleyA said...

Personally I like Rose Geranium just as much as Rose oil. I didn't know about the carcinogen!

Sonia said...

Hope you're all feeling better now!

Just a few thoughts on reading the article. It says that it is used as a fragrance from 0.002% to 0.3% which by my calculations is from 0.02g to 3g per kilogram. This value is just for methyleugenol, not rose oil, which also contains a myriad of other chemicals. It also says that there have been no quantitative studies to assess environmental exposure, so there's no evidence to say that rose oil in soap is or is not a human carcinogen. Doesn't mean it is or it isn't, just there's been no studies to statistically prove it either way!

All things considered the choice of rose oil or rose geranium is up to your own personal taste; just how smelly is rose oil at 2g per kilogram? Does it give the fragrance you're after? Is the limit of 2g per kg actually limited by law in this country? I couldn't find anything by Googling :-(

However, I did find this as I was digging around "Basil herb, for example, contains two known carcinogens – estragole and methyleugenol. Pesto is a particularly concentrated form of basil, yet the WHO has determined that the amounts in basil/pesto are so small that they present no risk to humans." And you get to eat pesto, unlike your soap (unless you've been saying naughty words :-))

Rose oil has been used for a very long time and there are probably far bigger cancer risks in other areas of your diet or lifestyle.

Just my thoughts, no advice I'm afraid and sorry for being such a Science nerd!

speak soon

sue said...

i didn't know that about rose oil, but saying that it wouldn't put me off using it.. i think all oils should be used sparingly anyway (everything in moderation :) and extracts from rose have been used for thousands of years and are wonderfully theraputic for our skin and sensory soothers.. i'd be inclined to use it at the recommended level.. but this is your baby..your choice.

If we really look into it, there are so many naturally occuring carcinogens out there.. and one of the not so natural biggie's being the exhaust fumes present in our environment, which we dont have mush choice about inhaling on a daily basis (unless we disappear into the wilderness and become a recluse) :/

and what about all those mass produced skin care products on the market that contain so many nasty wellness supressing chemicals..hmmn!
sorry.. ranting now.. :/
It irritates and, to some extent, confuses me when i see restrictions on things like this.. not that their shouldn't be.. but how on earth do so many of those chemicals slip through this testing net and into marketed products?? grrrr!

on another note.. hope your wee man heals well.. and i love the card..fantastic!


Becks said...

Sorry I can't add any comment on your rose oil dilemma but just wanted to say that I have your young mans nose heals quickly and as painlessly as is possible.

Jenevieve said...

Not sure about the rose oil, but if you're at all worried go for the rose geranium instead, it smells just as nice!
I hope your son's nose heals quickly and well! :) x

Glenys said...

Nice bag.