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06 August 2010

Feedback needed please

I have had a fair few enquiries from people about purchasing the soap I make so I'd like a little bit of feedback from people before I commit to selling to the public.

All cosmetics that are sold in the UK have to be tested by a cosmetic chemist to ensure safety - this can amount to £90 for a basic soap recipe plus additional ingredients. So, I would like to know what are your favourite essential oils for soaps and why? What do you look for in a cold-pressed, handmade soap? Would you be purchasing for yourself or for gifts? I would be very grateful of any responses (including anything else that you'd like to add) - you can leave them on the comments bit here or you can email me direct at mail@handmadehaven.co.uk
Thank you in advance :o)


Pippa said...

The sample soap you gave me was really lovely and yes, I would definitely love to buy more. I didn't like to say because I know the rules and regs for this kind of thing aren't easy and didn't want to put you on the spot. I'd certainly want to buy some for our use use within the house and I would definitely buy for gifts too if that was ok.

I think you gave me a lavender soap last time, which was gorgeous, the smell lasted really well. I have very sensitive skin and I found the soap was great on my skin and left it really soft, not all dry like most soaps do. My other favourite scent would be rose I think.

Definitely thumbs up for your soaps from me!! :0)

Danigirl said...

I nearly always buy lavender cos it's nice and relaxing without being over powering as gifts and for me i buy tea tree for the bathroom and kitchen. I would def buy if you sold as made my own last year and it was extremely well received and i know i won't have time this year!!

Hope that helps

Scented Sweetpeas said...

I love rose smelling soaps like Pippa, so fresh and lovely.

Joxy said...

I love cinnamon soap, I also like honey and almond smelling soaps.

And yup I'd be interested in buying some, I was thinking of crocheting some colourful face cloths and scrunchies and including some nice soap and maybe making some epson salts or similar, as gifts for Yule. And I like to buy and support crafty mums.

GreenWhisper said...

hiya Shell, all i usually look for in my soaps is that they contain no chemicals. i have extremely sensitive skin and find that lavender works well as a shower bath soap..very soothing and great anti-bacterial properties as well as great smelling, i love rose and honey too..for the smell and the skin softening properties of both..and the honey also having great anti-bacterial properties. for my handsoaps in the kitchen and bathroom i usually have either tea tree or lemon..again for anti-bacterial reasons lol. hope this is of some help to you xx