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10 August 2010

Soap, soap, soap

I spent yesterday evening researching handmade soaps ready for my next adventure. It's suprising what you can find under the guise of handmade soaps, or even under the name soap for that matter ;o). Anything from ducks to strawberries to the above - I have to say I don't really like any of them, but each to their own. I like my soap nice and simple - natural and good for you. After contacting the chemist briefly yesterday, I've come up with a list of the soaps I would like to try (they all have coconut oil and cocoa butter as the base). See what you think:-
  • Lavender
  • Ylang ylang
  • Chamomile
  • Lemon and tea tree kitchen soap (has ground coffee to rid your hands of odours)
  • Cinnamon and ground almond
  • Nettle and lemongrass
  • Rose (when cash allows as rose essential oil is expensive)

I've got to contact the chemist again today with my recipes - he'll give them a once over and make suggestions for free. I find it very odd that you don't actually have to send a physical sample of your soap, but hey ho! Once I'm happy and he's happy I then have to find the cash to pay for the analysis stuff/paperwork.


Pippa said...

Wow, that soap with the crown on is amazing!! You could get really carried away with soap molds couldn't you, it's brilliant!

It's really good that your chemist is helpful and giving you advice and hope the paperwork isn't too awful! Really looking forward to seeing what you make!

sue said...

mmmm i'm very much liking the sound of the nettle and lemongrass, and adding the coffee grounds to the lemon and tea tree is interesting..a great kitchen soap..would be good for washing earthy hands after a days gardening too methinks. was just thinking about ylang ylang soap this morning too, it's one of my fav's..forgot to mention it in my previous comment..always find it gently uplifting after a hard day. Very nice choices you've made there, all the very best with it.

Joxy said...

Ohhh liking the sound of cinnamon and ground almond!

Becks said...

Ooh, we shall definitely be interested in your cinnamon and ground almond - my 2 favourite flavours and scents. Although I obviously wouldn't trying eating them in a soap ;-)

LesleyA said...

Oh sounds great! Lavender and Chammomile are my favourites but they all sound lovely! Can't wait :)

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Fab ideas for soap smells there :-)

Jenevieve said...

All those soaps round fantastic! I especially like the sound of the tea tree and lemon with coffee grounds, great for the kitchen! :-) x