'If we did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.' Thomas Edison

12 August 2010

This week I 'ave been mostly.....

...making strawberry jam (very late this year too!);

....trying out another soap (ylang, ylang);

....making more dishwasher rinse aid as I'm running low (white vinegar with lemon rinds);

.....stroking and drooling over my new set of Surina crochet hooks (an absolute bargain off ebay at £10 + £5 postage for 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!);

....and playing with aforementioned crochet hooks (trying out a new cover for a tin).
I'm still (rather impatiently) waiting to hear back from the cosmetic chemist. I've also got some new cards on the go and I've nearly finished another bag. I think the crochet tin cover will look much better on a jar as well as the bumps from the tin show through and I don't like it.
Hope everyone else is having fun :o)


Joxy said...

double crochet instead of trebles and perhaps some intarsia crochet, mind, you can also use double crochet fabric as a background to cross stitch.

Or, do a texture stitch, puffs or clusters?

Jem said...

It looks like you've been very busy as usual! I bet the Ylang Ylang soap smells divine too xx

Pippa said...

You've been very busy! Can you give me the recipe for the dishwasher rinse aid please and how long you infuse the lemons for etc, I'd love to try this as even the Ecover dishwasher aid I use smells very chemically to me.

Anonymous said...

heheh are you a fast show fan? :o)
i haven't made any jam at all this year :( those crochet hooks are cool..and am liking the tin cover very much..pretty against the silver even with the bumps ;) Ooow and all that ylang ylang soapyness.. looking forward to your soaps going on sale. this week i ave been mostly (or the past few days anyways:) decluttering the flat..and feeling a nice shift along with the sneezy and itchyness from the dusty disturbances.

thanks for your lovely comment the other day.. hope you have a great weekend..xx