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27 November 2010

Autumn or Winter?

Think we can safely say that today is winter :o). Took this picture this afternoon once it had melted slightly - it did look much nicer this morning. I love the sound (or lack of) when you have a good layer of snow - blissful.

I'm sorry to say that one of the craft suppliers that I love is closing down so I thought I'd take advantage of their sale - go take a look over at altered element before it finally shuts.

I took part in Polly's ornament swap and mine arrived this morning - just look at these gorgeous gifts. Got to post mine on Monday then I can show you what I made :o).


Pippa said...

DEFINITELY Winter!! Our pipes are still frozen up, no hot water for us tonight, I'll have to boil a kettle. But on the plus side, it's very pretty and a good excuse to be cosy indoors and do some crafting. xxxxx

Jenevieve said...

Yes, snow here too, can't get the cars out! Mostly definitely a time to keep warm! Love the ornament, look forward to seeing what you sent! :) x