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03 November 2010

Loads to show you

It doesn't seem like it's been over a week since my last visit! Anyway, I've got loads to show you so here goes. We going to the Green Parent meet up this weekend and have to travel by train so I thought JJ could do with a small bag. It's made like my purple shoulder bag and lined with denim.

This is a commissioned card from last week.

I've had another tattoo - the cat was already there, but I've had it re-freshed and all the flowers and bits added. I completely forgot to take a picture before hand!

JJ wanted a new scarf - he picked yellow and orange so I crocheted the two together so it was quicker, then added the fringe onto the ends.

One of the Yule list - a reversible apron for my nephew.

Ten (plus two for me) san pro pockets and inners.

Chamomile soap ready in a few days so I'll hopefully get that in the shop later today. I've got loads to do - it's my Dad's birthday today so I'm making him a cake as he doesn't really do birthdays anymore so I thought this was a good compromise, we shall see. I've also got to get my MILs birthday present ready for Friday as I won't be here - I'm making her a pamper hamper as she's asked for something else for Christmas.
Hope everyone else is enjoying the gorgeous autumn weather and managing to squeeze in some crafty time too.


Dawn said...

Busy, busy, JJ looks very happy with his bag! Have a great time at the GP meet.
Tattoo looks cool xxx

Joxy said...

Oh my goodness, I know a little boy whose going to be very envious of that bag! lol.

Do you, by any chance, have time to knock him a wee one up before the meet?

Claire said...

Wow you have been busy. Some lovely looking things there. Might have to try the scarf myself!Looking forward to seeing you at the weekend.

Arlenkern74 said...

oh that san pro , do you sell them??

sue said...

loads of goodies here..love the orange scarf, and your tatt.. and the orange camper (got a thing about orange at the mo:o)

JJ is so cute..great wee bag too.
hope you enjoy your weekend..


Jenevieve said...

Wow, you have been really busy! The tattoo loks great and I love the little bag you made JJ, he seems so pleased with it! Well done on getting all that finished, I was too tired to do anything last night but stare at the tv (long tiring day at work)! :) x