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16 November 2010


Decisions, decisions ;o). I have decided to sort through my vast amount of craft stuff and sell the stuff that hasn't been used for years. And I've also realised that hanging onto my Mum's craft stuff (a lot of which I've stashed away!!) is not what she would have wanted. It's quite a relief to say that - she is in my heart, not in things. I've also decided to close my facebook account. I don't think I gain anything extra from it - I just seem to whittle away time reading what other people are doing or playing a couple of games. So I'm reclaiming my time.
Yesterday I made my first hand cream from the Neal Yard book Recipes for Natural Beauty. I won't say the first attempt was perfect (the emulsifying wax hadn't completely dissolved) but my hands feel so soft and smell wonderful (I made the rose and almond hand cream), and I didn't give any hard earned cash to those pharmaceutical giants :o).
Becky - the book cost £55 for 250 odd pages with a discount (can't remember how much the discount was - 10 or 15 percent).


Becks said...

Another FB leaver!
I have a little more time to craft since i closed my FB accountand I didn't even use it often. I think it just kind of sucks you in though. I used to visit maybe once in a while but then spend ages going through the new updates etc. And deleting the emails from FB was a task in itself, I used to get loads some days.
Maybe we'll see even more crafty posts now ;-)
And how lovely that you can see that your mum is all around you, and not just in her physical belongings. I'm sure your mum would have wanted her craft stuff to have been enjoyed rather than just stored away. Hope you have a lovely memory filled time sorting through all your stash.
PS - word verification for this is listit! Is blogger trying to tell you something? xx

Pippa said...

I've never regretted leaving FB, it never seemed to fill the gap somehow, only reading odd sentences and quotes. You have too many interesting things in your life for that!

I'm glad you're feeling strong enough to sort out your mum's things and I think you are totally right. Your mum will always be in your heart and present in every thing you do, her things are just things that spent some time in her life and you don't need to hang on to them to prove what your mum means to you. xxxxxxx

Dawn said...

I'm in the same position with craft things at the moment, having embraced newer crafts there are things I still have that I may not use for a long time or ever, so a de-stash is necessary. I'm going to give some bits to the school for crafts and then offer others on GP or ebay if necessary - I have fabrics and wool everywhere, and now I spin my own some of the other stuff is just not getting used.

Sorting through your Mom's craft things too - shows you're ready, and she will always be with you xxx

That book is lovely isn't it - I've borrowed it from our library a couple of times, lovely recipes.