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13 November 2010

Off the Handmade Yule list :o)

Aaron's crocheted scarf that I started at the GP weekend and completed at the beginning of the week. Two colours used at the same time again (as requested).

Remember the felted blanket I bought on the bootsale in the summer? Well I sat and made 2 storage boxes which shall be used for the pamper hampers. I'm also using the fabric storage boxes that I made in the summer which I never got round to putting in the shops.

One crocheted bookmark and one pin cushion. These are for Aaron - he's terrible for leaving books open flat and ruining the spines, so hopefully with a selection of bookmarks in his book holder that will also be made for Christmas, I can encourage him to store them better. He likes to sew puppets and things so he's his own pin cushion (plus one of the needle books that I put aside for him) to go in his stocking.

And lastly, a little something for me - a crochet choker. Took all of 30 mins. One chain of 75 (for my neck), one row of half treble, with a double all the way round that so it creates the loop on the end, then stitch a button on for fastening, easy peasy.

Don't forget the giveaway - I shall draw it early evening to give everyone a chance if they want to enter (and I don't mind where I'm posting to either). Good luck :o)


Talie said...

Must feel so good to be able to tick some stuff of the list. I'm getting a bit stressy about my christmas makes now.
I love love love those felted boxes. Brilliant idea!
It's nice to see that you make something for yourself from time to time after all that hard work making things for other people.


Jenevieve said...

You're doing well, finishing so many things! Well done! The felted storage boxes are a great idea! :) x