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21 November 2010

Who needs Facebook anyway!

Firstly, let me show you my gorgeous prize from the talented, strong, beautiful, amazing woman - Polly. She had a give-away on her blog to celebrate opening her shop and I won :0). Of all her artwork the above is the one I love the most so it's fantastic that I now have a print of my very own. Thank you so much Polly.

So back to my title who needs facebook anyway! I know some people will think I'm slightly bonkers (actually I know a few people who think I'm more than bonkers ;o) ) but I darned some socks last night!!!! I found the Make Do and Mend book on the bootsale in the summer and it's full of really helpful stuff. Hubby was watching some of his programmes so I took myself off to the quiet (actually not really that quiet as I have a small child that is fastened to me with a very short piece of elastic) of my bedroom with my socks, some darning thread (bought years ago in a charity shop), my darning mushroom (another second hand gift), my needle book (handmade of course) and then spent a lovely evening darning socks. While sat there I was reminded of my Grandma who used to knit my Grandad his socks - it was such a lovely evening that continued long after the kids had gone to bed and hubby had gone to work. Who cares if I'm bonkers ;o).


Pippa said...

I don't think you're bonkers, I think that's great!! I bought that book a while ago and in a hasty moment of "Where am I going to keep all these books once we've moved??", I charity shopped it!! We have A LOT of socks with holes in though and I'm ashamed to say that I usually chuck them out, but it seems very wasteful. Probably going to ask stupid question of the year here, but can you darn ordinary socks (M&S socks for example), or do they have to be woolly ones?

I didn't know Polly had a shop, I will definitely have to have peek! xxxx

Claire said...

I think this is a skill I will have to learn too, although with all the holes in socks we have, I'm not sure I'd get anything else done!

Dawn said...

Fantastic! Glad I'm not the only one with a darning mushroom repairing good socks.
I also recently bought an old tiny loom (known as Lancashires smallest loom) which was used in the olden days to repair holes with a new patch - it is fantastic too.

Love the Make Do and Mend book, lots of great ideas.

Becks said...

That was one of my fave Polly prints too!
And how relaxing to actually get the time to sit and darn socks :)
Might just have a little look for that book myself....

Jenevieve said...

Congratulations on the win! The picture is so pretty! I think it's great that your mending socks, why get rid an buy more when a little thread can fix them! Looks like a good little book! :) x

Florrie said...

I darn socks too, and because I knit the socks first I always keep a small amount of the yarn used to make them so I can mend any holes that may appear after lots of wear. I even add a small amount of the yarn to any hand knitted socks I gift plus the ball band which I wrap around the socks for washing instructions. It's the little things that please me and no I don't think your bonkers just very resourceful.
florrie x

pippirose said...

One of the first things my mom taught me to do, when I was little (4, maybe 5 years old)...was to darn socks. Only she always used an orange. Worked great!