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11 March 2009

From bits and bobs, to books and buttons

I realised yesterday that I hadn't put up pictures of some bits I'd got from our GP Lets. The chick in the egg came from Michelle and the caterpillar came from sundog. They're both fantastic and are now sat happily on the season table (when not being played with). It's soo nice to get things that other mamas have sat and made with their own two hands.

For a bit of inspiration I got Country Living magazine the other day (wasn't actually the one I went in for but that's my own fault for not ready the title properly). There's a few good bits in it though so not a complete waste.

And from the postie today, from another lovely mama who make it herself, was this wonderful bracelet (which is a birthday present for someone) and and this gorgeous picture for me from her lovely daughter. It's amazing how nice people are even though we've never met, so thank you so much Claire and Phoebe.

And lastly is a book, The Children's Year. I've heard so much about it, and seen many things made from it, so I thought I would get it. I know, I know, spending again.....but it is an investment isn't it ;-).

oh, oh, oh, before I go....it's not just me who likes buttons - Soulemama directed us from her obsession to another obsession at button it up!


Michelle said...

Glad you liked the chick. I enjoyed making them but in doing quite a few at a time I felt like I was going to have a visit from Hugh F-W to check I was keeping them humanely lol

Claire said...

Glad you liked Phee's piccie and the bracelet. The picture had some kisses sent in it from a little girl so I hope you caught them! xxx