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12 March 2009

Too tired to think of a title

I should probably wait until tomorrow to post this lot but I know my head will be whirring if I leave it, so....

Here's the owl I made last night. Very quick and easy.

I won! I won! I frequent the paper-and-string blog where Sarah holds a give-a-way once a month - well I won this month, so thank you very much Sarah, it's gorgeous.
My Mother's Day present arrived today (and, yes, I have it early). I am sooo enjoying this TV programme - full of great things.

My MIL was sorting through her stash of magazines and asked if I wanted to look at them first. So here's a years worth of Country Homes and Interiors from 1998! I'm hoping to find some different inspiration in them.

Last, but by no means least (and the reason for my tired, tired person), are my charity shop bargains. My sister and I spent an hour browsing the 2 in my local town and I came home with a few things - buttons (of course), an embroidery hoop, pure wool (for penguins), tape measure, press studs, and a straw bag for carrying wool projects.

There were a couple of other things too, one being a must have book for me, no the kids, oh alright me, on Ivor the Engine (blushing). I'm sure this is the reason I love trains .... right, that's enough confessions, I'm off to bed.

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