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07 March 2009

Storage can

I started another can cover last night for a 330ml tin. I got all the fabric stitched on (from the lovely Sarah), then stitched the buttons on, then checked the measurements around the tin before I finished the edging off.......it didn't fit! Although I'd measured for the felt, I only measured the cotton fabric against the felt and not the tin - felt stretches, cotton fabric doesn't
:-(. So I left it last night then started again this evening. I had a pilchard tin which is smaller so I unpicked all the stitching, cut it down to size then re-made it again. This is to go in my shops when I've taken some better pictures - think I need to play around in different light to get it right.
After I finished the 2nd lego/toy mat yesterday afternoon Ds3 told me he wanted his 'road' mat. So I've cut out some strips of black cotton and pinned them on some old material. I'm going to add some greenery and brown cord (for ploughed fields!) and some blue for a pond. I best go start stitching that now.

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